editor, co-director
Official selection - SeriesFest 2022
A new documentary series from the STAGE Lab, CURIOSITY: The Making of a Scientist traces the stories of researchers as they explore the cutting edge of their fields. 
In the pilot episode, Nate, a graduate student working to carve his place in quantum physics, must reconcile with a wrought childhood past that hangs over his life in the lab.  
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To view the full episode, please reach out with a request for the private link. ellen.askey@gmail

Ep 1. "Superposition" (24 min)
directed, written and edited by
 Sunanda Prabhu-Gaunkar & Ellen Askey
produced by
Nancy Kawalek & the STAGE Lab at the University of Chicago
principal cinematography by 
Sam Audette & Ellen Askey​​​​​​​

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