- in preproduction - 
writer & director
CHAMELEON is a psychological drama with the churning thrust of a crime film.
Determined to wake her audience from nihilism, a young writer-performer presents an elaborate show — a distorted take on her mother’s past under the ambitious regime of 1960s China — but when her mother arrives to the audience mid-show,  hauntings of a more accurate story threaten to unravel her script.
- stills from our test shoot in May 2022 - 

Amber Lin as Anna-Li
Jack Sherlock as Roy
Produced by: Nadja Lapcevic, Carys Evans, Ellen Askey / DP: Antonio Pozojević / Art Director: Urte Rusteikaite / Assistant Director: Leo D'Andrea / Production Sound Mixer: Diego Aguilar / Dolly Grip: Alex Roberts / ACs: Nicolas Goldstraw, Jordan Dunne, Sam Craigie / Art Assistant: Kasparas Vidūnas / Art PAs: Whitney Ketcham, Sabina Fluturas / Craft Services: Sara Stijović
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